spencer barnesHi, I’m Spencer. Welcome to my website, Unifiedwater.com!

I not a water expert by profession but having lived in the Midwest region all my life, I can pretty much say I know what I’m talking about when it comes to hard water and water softeners.

My Quest for Safe and Clean Water

I remember when I was about 8 years old, I asked my mother why my white shirts always had yellow patches on them. She did her best in explaining to an 8 year old what hard water was and why it stained my clothes. I couldn’t really understand it at the time but from then on, I had this thought that hard water was bad.

It wasn’t until I moved out of my parent’s home and got my own apartment when I realized I needed to do something about the water. Not only wasn’t it safe for consumption (thus adding to my expenses because I needed to purchase bottled water), it also ruined everything white that I owned. From the dishes down to my favorite shirts. This was despite the fact that the area where my apartment was located had a filtration system in place.

The last straw was when after only a year of moving into my apartment, I was faced with a huge bill from a plumber I hired to declog the water pipes. That’s when I began my quest to finding a solution to my hard water problem.

Since the water supple in my area already received some form of treatment before being distributed to households, finding the right water softening system wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. However, I also took it upon myself to take care of the hard water situation in my parents’ home. That was a bigger feat because their water source was from a deep well.

As I researched on solutions, I also found some more information about hard water from deep wells and its effects on the human body. All I could think about as I was reading article after article was – “How could have my parents allowed us to live like this for so long?”

Of course, I knew the answer. Everyone in their community lived with the same water that they did so they didn’t think that additional measures needed to be taken to ensure water safety. But that wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted to make sure that my parents were safe from the hazards of deep well water.

It took a lot of trial and error before I found the best water softener for my parents’ home. Needless to say, thousands of dollars, time, and effort were spent in this quest but for me, it was all worth it.

Deciding to Put Up Unified Water

The reason why I decided to put up this website is because I realized that there are still a lot of people who continue not doing anything about their hard water situation because they have no idea where to start. I am hoping that by sharing everything I know about hard water, tips, and reviews of water softeners, people who visit my site will be encouraged to protect themselves and their household from the negative effects of hard water.

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