Can You Rent A Water Softener?

Many people have hard water but are not ready for the commitment that comes with purchasing a water softener, as a decent one can be a pricey investment. The other reason they might want to rent one is because they live at a rental home where the water is terrible but the landlord is less than stellar. Many water filtration or plumbing companies will not install a water softener in a building unless the owner is signing off on it for obvious legal reasons. Yes, you can absolutely rent a water softener and nearly all the bigger companies are more than happy to assist you with this. Below we will discuss why you should rent a water softener.

Take it for a spin

Renting a water softener is like leasing a car. Drive it around for a few months, and see if you like it. If you decide you don’t like it, you have made absolutely no commitment and can try another. It is a fantastic way to try before you buy. Once you figure out which kind works best for your situation then you can purchase it. There are no worries about whether it will break down or paying for costly repairs.

Rental perks

One of the best reasons to rent is that when these systems break down their repairs can be quite costly. This is due to both parts and the ridiculous amount of labor that goes into the repairs. The good news is that if you rent it you don’t own and therefore do not have to pay if something goes wrong with the equipment. So now not only do you get to check it out, but you get to escape from any fees that could come your way. After all, it is not your fault if the machine fails.

Negatives involved

Everything, has a con to it somewhere. The only bad part about renting a water softener is that often they tack on an installation fee. This is something most people tend to forget about. They are usually able to help defer the cost by spreading it out for those renting the unit. As you can see there are definitely more pros, which is good for the renter.


What are you waiting for go check out the options and pick which one you are going to go test out first. Don’t forget this is a no hassle approach to buying a water softener. You get a chance to take it for a trial period first. The best part of all this is, it can stop you from buying a costly unit that quite frankly stinks for your circumstances. Only to find out, you just threw thousands of dollars into the toilet. Don’t throw caution to the wind and forget to consider the negatives, but the perks far outweigh those. If it breaks down, they come out to repair it for free. Soon you will be sailing your way to some soft water free from all the nasty side effects that hard water does to your home and person.

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