Does a Water Softener Make Water Salty?

The number one concern people often have about purchasing a water softener is if it will make their water salty. The idea of tasting salt is not very appealing especially if you have ever gotten an unwanted mouth full of it in the ocean. If you are the one asking the question, it is a very valid question.

Understanding the Process

Most water softeners work by using salt in order to draw the hardness from the water, but no you should not taste the salt in the water at all. The amount of salt per the gallons going through the machine is so minuscule that you would not taste it when it is running properly. In fact, there is only 28.12 mg of sodium in an 8oz glass of water with a hardness of 15 grains per gallon. Compare that to a glass of skim milk where you have 120 mg of sodium. You would also not have any health issues from it when it is running normally. Interestingly enough even the Mayo clinic has something to say about water softeners not causing a problem with salt intake. They are a very trusted health source. A salty taste in softened water is definitely not normal.

How to Fix Salty Water Issues

If your water starts to taste salty, that means that there is a problem with your water softener. If you are having this problem, contact your plumber or water treatment specialist as soon as possible so that they can help resolve the issue. If you are more of a handy person and want to look into fixing the issue yourself, there are some suggestions that can help you to try and solve the problem on your own.

At times, it can simply be that during the regeneration cycle the system is not cleaning itself out properly. This can happen if one of the valves gets stuck. It is best to go through the system and wash everything out with water in order to possibly remove any clogs that may be in the system. Don’t forget to check the smaller lines as well as the bigger lines. Another time you might be tasting salty water is if the system is going through regeneration. That is why it is always recommended to go through the process when no one will be drinking the water.

If that is the case, then often time is all it takes for the salty taste to go away. Being able to have a trusted source to turn to, if there is an issue with your water softener is often the most important part of being a homeowner. Just know that having soft water is definitely a benefit, and it can cut down on the cost of many things from soap to appliance replacement. If you are looking to solve hard water problems within your home, water softeners can make that happen. The bottom line for you is that your water should never taste salty. That is not normal and if that is the case you should definitely look into it to see what the issues maybe.

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